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captain beefheart & his magic band - live 1966-67 (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

captain beefheart & his magic band - live 1966-67 (12inch vinyl lp)

keyhole (uk)
Sale: $20.23
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LP version on 180 gram vinyl. Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band are firmly established as one of the most imaginative acts to have emerged from late-'60s America. The historically vital recordings preserved on this set -- a live set captured from Avalon Ballroom in 1966 and a radio station set from 1967 -- capture Beefheart and his musicians as they emerge from their blues-based beginnings and begin to evolve into something far stranger. The set is ... more info

the actor - exploded view (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

the actor - exploded view (12inch vinyl lp)

mannequin records (de)
Sale: $17.77
Save: 15% off
Mannequin Records announces the reissue of one of the most important Dutch Wave bands The Actor, with their seminal 1982 tape Exploded View. In the beginning of the '80s, a new phenomenon emerged: home taping. This way of recording resulted in a lot of noise. But that was less important than getting one's music out to the public. A well-known label for cassette bands in those days was the Dutch Trumpett Tapes. They were the first to publish the music ... more info

casino shanghai - l'action minimal (12inch vinyl) Buy Now 

casino shanghai - l'action minimal (12inch vinyl)

mannequin records (de)
Sale: $12.84
Save: 15% off
Mannequin Records is elated to present a 12'' EP with two unreleased 1986 tracks by Mexican new wave band Casino Shanghai, with a killer analog modular remix by In Aeternam Vale on the B-side. Asking to Laurent Prot to rework Casino Shanghai was more than logical. Permeated by a strong mitteleuropean dark pop atmosphere, here emphasized by the French lyrics ("La Tumba De Edgar Allan Poe" features a poem by Stephane Mallarmé). Limited edition of 300 ... more info

void vision - sub rosa (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

void vision - sub rosa (12inch vinyl lp)

mannequin records (de)
Sale: $17.77
Save: 15% off
Shari Vari formed Void Vision in 2009 originally as a duo, during the explosion of the new minimal synth and cold wave scene in United States. Sharing the same scene of the Wierd Records associates like Led Er Est, Martial Canterel, Xeno & Oaklander, and Automelodi, in 2010 VV released In Twenty Years on Blind Prophet (Sean Ragon's Cult Of Youth record label), also receiving the attention of Rough Trade, who asked to put out a track for one of their ... more info

in aeternam vale - gnd lift (12inch vinyl) Buy Now 

in aeternam vale - gnd lift (12inch vinyl)

minimal wave (us)
Sale: $17.94
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"Minimal Wave is pleased to present a fourth 12" single from our French favorites, In Aeternam Vale. This one features another monumental 14 minute techno masterpiece called 'Gnd Lift.' On the flip side are two pure wave tracks, 'J'ai Mangé des Nerfs' and 'Animals Don't Mind.' 'Gnd Lift' is a slow building hazy hypnotic track with heavy atmosphere, fitting perfectly on a smoke filled dance floor. 'J'ai Mangé des Nerfs' is a classic vocal driven ... more info

patrik fitzgerald - safety pin stuck in my heart (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

patrik fitzgerald - safety pin stuck in my heart (2x12inch vinyl lp)

munster records (sp)
Sale: $22.70
Save: 15% off
Patrik Fitzgerald was one of the oddities that punk rock threw up in 1977. A lone singer with an acoustic guitar, regaling punk audiences with lyrical songs and interspersing them with chats, stories and poems. Is this what people died in the Punk Wars for? The answer is an emphatic yes. There's no better example of the punk DIY attitude than the lone, slight figure of Patrik Fitzgerald making it happen and expressing himself on stage, singing songs ... more info

destroy all monsters - hot box 1974-1994 (3x12inch vinyl lp) box Buy Now 

destroy all monsters - hot box 1974-1994 (3x12inch vinyl lp) box

munster records (sp)
Sale: $68.09
Save: 15% off
Triple LP version. Destroy All Monsters are known by some for their role as a bastion of resistance of Detroit's rock; for being, during their second period, the band in which Ron Asheton would reappear. For others, they are a pivotal reference point in the copious but relatively unknown avant-garde underground from the same city, after Thurston Moore and Byron Coley dug up their first recordings in 1996 and the original line-up reunited. Destroy All ... more info

va - four jacks pt. 4 - 15 years of poker flat (12inch vinyl) Buy Now 

va - four jacks pt. 4 - 15 years of poker flat (12inch vinyl)

poker flat (de)
Sale: $12.07
Save: 15% off
This is the fourth and final installment of Four Jacks, Poker Flat's EP series celebrating its 15-year anniversary. Following the series' format, Part 4 boasts two new remixes of classics, and two new tracks from Poker Flat's roster. DJ Tennis & Mind Against deliver a slow, suspenseful deep house makeover of Trentemøller's electro touchstone "Always Something Better," while Ejeca gives Chardronnet vs. Afrilounge's 2005 minimal tech hit "Shake It" a ... more info

valentin stip - sigh (interpretation) (10inch vinyl) Buy Now 

valentin stip - sigh (interpretation) (10inch vinyl)

other people (us)
Sale: $12.07
Save: 15% off
One-sided release. Valentin Stip plays a piano interpretation of the title track from his debut album Sigh, released on Other People (OP 006CD/LP).

grits 'n gravy - second shot (cd) Buy Now 

grits 'n gravy - second shot (cd)

stag-o-lee (de)
Sale: $14.79
Save: 15% off
14 months after their debut release (STAGO 038CD), German duo Grits 'n Gravy returns with Second Shot. Grits 'n Gravy still consists of drummer and singer Mighty Mike (The Juke Joint Pimps, Voodoo Rhythm) and Cat Lee King, a young and skinny piano player with a big voice. Who knows where he gets it, but he has the soul of Ray Charles and the mean attack of Bunker Hill. The guys spent two days in the studio to lay down 12 tracks, 10 of which made the ... more info

va - when i reach that heavenly shore: unearthly black gospel 1926-1936 (3cd) Buy Now 

va - when i reach that heavenly shore: unearthly black gospel 1926-1936 (3cd)

tompkins square (us)
Sale: $30.86
Save: 15% off
"Among the most powerful music to be captured on 78 rpm in America during the 1920s and 1930s are recordings of black sanctified and gospel singing. Ranging from plaintive mourning to unbridled ecstasy, the sacred music from this time period represents a flowering of diverse and idiosyncratic rural songs styles. At no time was there a wider panorama of religious songs in America. Selected exclusively from Christopher King's private collection, the ... more info

schlippenbach trio - first recordings (cd) Buy Now 

schlippenbach trio - first recordings (cd)

trost (at)
Sale: $14.79
Save: 15% off
Found in the archives of FMP! The very first -- never released -- recordings of the Schlippenbach Trio: Alexander von Schlippenbach (piano); Evan Parker (tenor and soprano saxophone); Paul Lovens (drums). Recorded by an unknown engineer on April 2nd, 1972 during the Workshop Freie Musik at the Acadamy of the Arts, Berlin.

glacial23 - untitled (12inch vinyl) Buy Now 

glacial23 - untitled (12inch vinyl)

savage quality recordings (us)
Sale: $14.28
Save: 15% off
Cold, dark acidic techno from Cleveland producer Sam Harmon who has been making waves across the midwest with his killer live PA sets! This is his vinyl debut.

snd - newtables (special extended edition) (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

snd - newtables (special extended edition) (2x12inch vinyl lp)

snd (uk)
Sale: $22.70
Save: 15% off
Mark Fell and Mat Steel's second EP as SND arrived a year after their debut Tplay (SND 1SE) and continued to explore a distinct, highly individual take on electronic minimalism, house and UK garage stripped to its bare bones. The tracks here more or less split themselves into three distinct categories: the first detailing the brilliant swing and shuffle of their reduced UKG mutations, with "22" in particular perfecting the balance between academic ... more info

snd - travelog (special extended edition) (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

snd - travelog (special extended edition) (2x12inch vinyl lp)

snd (uk)
Sale: $22.70
Save: 15% off
travelog was the third EP released by Mat Steel and Mark Fell as SND, arriving in 1999 just before the release of their influential debut album Makesnd Cassette on the Mille Plateaux label. Of the three EP reissues in the series, travelog contains the most developed and satisfying work from the pair, edging their reduced production palette into more fully-realized dimensions, coloring-in those instantly-recognizable bass notes and isolated percussive ... more info

ariel kalma - an evolutionary music (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

ariel kalma - an evolutionary music (2x12inch vinyl lp)

rvng intl. (us)
Sale: $19.64
Save: 15% off
An Evolutionary Music (Original Recordings: 1972 - 1979) compiles unreleased recordings from the archives of multiversal artist Ariel Kalma. Concerned as much with musicality as spiritual facility, Kalma's work vibrates aside fellow travelers along the great rainbow in curved air of the 1970s avant-garde. Ariel Kalma's boundary-blurring electronic music is heard here in radiant detail across a selection of work spanning his early free-jazz and spoken ... more info

balmorhea - balmorhea (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

balmorhea - balmorhea (12inch vinyl lp)

western vinyl (us)
Sale: $10.71
Save: 15% off
For the past eight years the duo of Rob Lowe and Michael Muller have nurtured and refined their creative partnership as the core members of the band Balmorhea. Though their first album on Western Vinyl Rivers Arms (2008) garnered some remarkable press, their self-titled debut, recorded in 2006 and released in 2007 best captures the duo's unique magic as it first blossomed. With no label, distributor, manager, publicist, or booking agent the duo ... more info

bing & ruth - tomorrow was the golden age (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

bing & ruth - tomorrow was the golden age (2x12inch vinyl lp)

rvng intl. (us)
Sale: $17.85
Save: 15% off
Tomorrow Was the Golden Age is an album length composition by minimalist ensemble Bing & Ruth. Written and conducted by pianist David Moore, Tomorrow Was the Golden Age is a halcyonic journey to a neverending place, where music waxes, wanes and drifts imperceptibly from silence to grand, glowing sound. The players on Tomorrow Was the Golden Age are David Moore on piano, Jeremy Viner on clarinet, Patrick Breiner on clarinet, Mike Effenberger operating ... more info

evian christ - waterfall (12inch vinyl) Buy Now 

evian christ - waterfall (12inch vinyl)

tri angle records (us)
Sale: $9.27
Save: 15% off
It's safe to say since his emergence at the tail end of 2011 Evian Christ, aka Joshua Leary, has had a whirlwind two years. Off the back of his breakthrough mixtape Kings And Them which came out on Tri Angle Records in February 2012, the 24 year old, Ellesmere Port, UK native has produced on Kanye West's Yeezus, collaborated with acclaimed conceptual artist Matthew Barney, released the notably abstract sound-piece Duga-3, performed around the world ... more info

lord raja - a constant moth (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

lord raja - a constant moth (12inch vinyl lp)

ghostly international (us)
Sale: $11.90
Save: 15% off
Welcome to the world of Lord RAJA, a strange, sometimes perilous alternate dimension with beauty and decay in equal measure. It's a world built on the beat-centric music which flows through New York native Chester Raj Anand's stream of consciousness; here, half remembered hip-hop classics are spliced into '90s IDM, ambient, footwork, and experimental sound design. Our latest dispatch from Lord RAJA's uncanny realm is the impulsive and unpredictable A ... more info

mark mcguire - noctilucence (12inch vinyl) Buy Now 

mark mcguire - noctilucence (12inch vinyl)

dead oceans (us)
Sale: $10.12
Save: 15% off
Noctilucence is a new 12" recorded between in 2013 and 2014 between Los Angeles, California, and Cleveland, Ohio. The term "noctilucence" comes from "noctilucent clouds", the name given to clouds which, for some reason, emit a brilliant vibrance at night. On this recording we find our subject diving into the electric waters of the night sky, in long drives across the vast deserts of America. It's a recording about the discovery and understanding of ... more info

sinoia caves - beyond the black rainbow ost (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

sinoia caves - beyond the black rainbow ost (12inch vinyl lp)

jagjaguwar (us)
Sale: $13.01
Save: 15% off
JAGJAGUWAR & Death Waltz Recording Company are proud and excited to release a true masterpiece into the world with the soundtrack to Panos Cosmatos' BEYOND THE BLACK RAINBOW. Posited as a "lost film" of the 1980s, the picture is inspired by classic dystopian fiction and the obscure SF movies one used to see lining the shelves of the local video store. As such, the brilliant soundtrack blends seamlessly amongst its influences; Tangerine Dream, Wendy ... more info

xeno & oaklander - par avion (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

xeno & oaklander - par avion (12inch vinyl lp)

ghostly international (us)
Sale: $11.38
Save: 15% off
This summer, Brooklyn duo Xeno and Oaklander are a minimal electronics girl/boy duo from Brooklyn , bring their minimal electronic sounds to Ghostly International with new album Par Avion, their first for the label. The album's title is a reference to postcards - it translates as "by plane", and was used to mark airmail sent from exotic places. The songs are postcards of love for a cold age - shimmering moments from the present, romantic messages ... more info

a-symmetry - i am life (cd) Buy Now 

a-symmetry - i am life (cd)

agf producktion (de)
Sale: $13.09
Save: 15% off
"A-symmetry" is the absence of, or a violation of, symmetry. Symmetry is an important property of both physical and abstract systems and it may be displayed in precise terms or in more aesthetic terms. Violations of symmetry therefore present theoretical and experimental puzzles that lead to a deeper understanding of nature. Asymmetries in experimental measurements also provide powerful handles that are often relatively free from background or ... more info

adrian rew - slot machine music (12inch vinyl pic disc) Buy Now 

adrian rew - slot machine music (12inch vinyl pic disc)

hanson (us)
Sale: $17.17
Save: 15% off
Picture Disc LP edition of Adrian Rew's field recordings from middle American casinos: originally released in a small edition of CD-R's on his own ERGOT RECORDS label, this picture disc is a limited edition of 500 copies. Includes digital download card. Mastered for vinyl by Jason Lescalleet "one of the rare [field] recordings with a precise polemical thrust, an eloquent constellation of supporting ideas, and ... a laser beam focus on the strangest ... more info

angus maclise - new york electronic, 1965 (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

angus maclise - new york electronic, 1965 (12inch vinyl lp)

sub rosa (be)
Sale: $13.60
Save: 15% off
Black vinyl repress. Sub Rosa presents another release as a part of their early electronic series. Drone-based experiments from Angus MacLise (notably with Tony Conrad extremely present on the album, and John Cale), and purely electronic compositions -- a path (almost) nobody knew MacLise had explored. Miraculously salvaged by Gerard Malanga, these archives provided a new perspective on the artist's whole body of work and considerably expanded his ... more info

aphex twin - syro (3x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

aphex twin - syro (3x12inch vinyl lp)

warp records (uk)
Sale: $26.27
Save: 15% off
*3xLP gatefold 140g with download.* “Whenever one of the most celebrated and influential electronic fartist, Richard D. James can compete with the music flip to influence built. The better part of a decagon, James Polygon Window, Caustic Window, GAK and maintain, including `Aphex Twin has unreleased music under several thousand monikers great pace. Began in the late 1780s and 90s during a turn in its manufacturing and technical skills, and nikharana ... more info

arca - xen (cd) Buy Now 

arca - xen (cd)

mute (us)
Sale: $12.16
Save: 15% off
Arca is the incarnation of alejandro ghersi, a 24-year old venezuelan producer and musician releasing his debut lp, xen in the fall. having previously released eps, mixtapes, and produced for the likes of fka twigs, bjork, and kanye west arca's music is uniquely his own. xen is a very personal record for arca, with the underlying concept revolving around gender and sexuality. however, gender isn't the defining concept but rather a vessel with which ... more info

black to comm - black to comm (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

black to comm - black to comm (2x12inch vinyl lp)

type (uk)
Sale: $21.93
Save: 15% off
Hamburg's Marc Richter has been busy with his Black To Comm project since his last appearance under that name on Type, 2009's genre-bending and critically acclaimed Alphabet 1968 (TYPE 053CD). Aside from helming the prolific Dekorder imprint, he's put out a number of musical curios, including 2012's excellent film soundtrack EARTH. Now Richter is back with Alphabet 1968's proper follow-up, a self-titled double album pieced together from crumbling ... more info

brian eno & jon hassell - fourth world music vol. i - possible musics (12inch vinyl lp + cd) Buy Now 

brian eno & jon hassell - fourth world music vol. i - possible musics (12inch vinyl lp + cd)

glitterbeat (de)
Sale: $22.61
Save: 15% off
*Gatefold LP version on 180 gram vinyl with CD.* Originally released in 1980, Jon Hassell and Brian Eno's collaborative album Fourth World Music Vol. I: Possible Musics is a sound document whose ongoing influence seems beyond dispute. Not only is the album a defining moment in the development of what Eno coined as "ambient music" but it also facilitated the introduction of Hassell's "future primitive" trumpet stylings and visionary "Fourth World" ... more info

call super - suzi ecto (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

call super - suzi ecto (2x12inch vinyl lp)

houndstooth (uk)
Sale: $28.39
Save: 15% off
Double LP version, cut to 180 gram vinyl. The fears and passing joys of the world pouring in through mouth, nose, eyes and ears. React against what we cannot stand: the co-opted postures, the gimmicks of aspirants, unconscious reactive strategies. Here now in the contradictory mix of the blissful, the panicked and the paranoid that thrives place to place. Drowning us. Veins, organs and mind are filled until we blur into these cities and skies and our ... more info

charlemagne palestine - schlingencassettenblängen (cassette) Buy Now 

charlemagne palestine - schlingencassettenblängen (cassette)

close/far recordings (us)
Sale: $6.63
Save: 15% off
"Close/Far Recordings is positively elated to publish an unreleased version of Schlingen-Blängen, from Charlemagne Palestine's personal archives, recorded in 1977. Palestine considers it to be the first official recorded version of Schlingen-Blängen that pre-dates the only other published version, recorded in 1988, by eleven years. Both pieces were performed on the same church pipe organ in Delfzijl, Holland by the North Sea. Because the master was ... more info

cliff martinez - far cry 4 ost (2cd) Buy Now 

cliff martinez - far cry 4 ost (2cd)

Invada Records (uk)
Sale: $15.90
Save: 15% off
The soundtrack to the upcoming Ubisoft video game FAR CRY 4 on CD with music from acclaimed Holly-wood composer Cliff Martinez. The album is released with 45 minutes of bonus material not included on the digital release, and is issued on a double CD, providing around two hours of music from the game. Invada have been involved in several Cliff Martinez pro-jects, with their own release of the popular soundtracks to crime thriller DRIVE and science ... more info

cristian vogel - polyphonic beings (cd) Buy Now 

cristian vogel - polyphonic beings (cd)

shitkatapult (de)
Sale: $13.09
Save: 15% off
Producer Cristian Vogel, born in Chile and in raised in Bristol, England, represents an inner turmoil within the history of electronic music and techno. Like only a few other artists such as Aphex Twin, he personifies the second wave of techno during which authorship, previously pronounced dead, returned in full force. The former punk, who had completed studies in composition (20th century classical music in Sussex) conveyed a powerful force in his ... more info

david tudor - music from the tudorfest: san francisco tape music center, 1964 (3cd) Buy Now 

david tudor - music from the tudorfest: san francisco tape music center, 1964 (3cd)

new world records (us)
Sale: $38.42
Save: 15% off
"In the spring of 1964 Pauline Oliveros organized a festival celebrating the work of pianist David Tudor, which featured compositions by Oliveros, George Brecht, Toshi Ichiyanagi, Alvin Lucier, and John Cage. The Tudorfest was a watershed event in the brief history of the San Francisco Tape Music Center, which not only provided its members with an opportunity to collaborate with Tudor, but also to promote their own work. Co-sponsored by KPFA, the ... more info

drophead vs. silent land time machine - from ashes comes the day (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

drophead vs. silent land time machine - from ashes comes the day (12inch vinyl lp)

holodeck (us)
Sale: $13.60
Save: 15% off
From Ashes Comes the Day is the result of the alliance between Montréal's Eric Craven (Drophead) and Austin's Jonathan Slade (Silent Land Time Machine). For more than a decade Craven has been a prominent member of Montréal's experimental music community, widely known as the drummer in HRSTA and Hangedup (Constellation Records). His recent solo work as Drophead finds Craven buried in layers of drums and homemade percussion as well as guitar, field ... more info

janek schaefer - unfolding luxury beyond the city of dreams (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

janek schaefer - unfolding luxury beyond the city of dreams (12inch vinyl lp)

dekorder (de)
Sale: $14.03
Save: 15% off
Dekorder presents two new vinyl editions composed and designed by UK sound artist Janek Schaefer, who is known around the world for his wide variety of engaging and unpredictable works for installation, concert and composition. Following his highly acclaimed 'Lay-by Lullaby' album on 12k [which Pitchfork listed in the 'Top 10 under-the-radar releases for 2014'], Janek has created and collated a collection of tracks that showcase both his more ambient ... more info

karla borecky - still in your pocket (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

karla borecky - still in your pocket (12inch vinyl lp)

recital (us)
Sale: $12.67
Save: 15% off
Still In Your Pocket, an arrangement of piano pieces by Karla Borecky, is at once humble and profound. As this is Borecky’s first solo LP (away from her Idea Fire Company membership), the piano is allowed full prominence and discretion. Revolving melodies contract and expand across the seven vignettes presented here (recorded from 2007 to 2010). It reads as a withering novel, lush with romance and mystery. And although Borecky’s restrain and delivery ... more info

lino capra vaccina - frammenti da antico adagio (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

lino capra vaccina - frammenti da antico adagio (12inch vinyl lp)

die schachtel (it)
Sale: $21.93
Save: 15% off
LP 2 of 2. One of two LP versions. Includes the final four tracks from Antico Adagio (DS 027CD). Before an aberrant idea of progress and workaholic ethic ludicrously sped up our daily lives, even in the hectic city of Milan it was possible to "play slowly" -- with little or no pressure, simply following the path your art was showing you. After a classic artistic beginning and an experimental stint with Aktuala and other brilliant fellow musicians ... more info

piero umiliani - da roma a new york (10inch vinyl) Buy Now 

piero umiliani - da roma a new york (10inch vinyl)

schema (it)
Sale: $27.54
Save: 15% off
This record represents the first opportunity for an Italian jazz composer and arranger to express himself with complete freedom. Up to now it seems to me that Italian jazz has been focused almost entirely on the figure of the soloist, with the obvious result that - when they adopt American themes and arrangements - the Italian version pales in comparison with the original. On the other hand, when the execution is left entirely to the imagination of ... more info

pip proud - a bird in the engine (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

pip proud - a bird in the engine (12inch vinyl lp)

superior viaduct (us)
Sale: $17.85
Save: 15% off
In the late '60s, Pip Proud recorded two of the oddest records ever to come out of Australia-Adreneline & Richard and A Bird in the Engine-before vanishing into obscurity for the better part of three decades. Often called the "Australian Syd Barrett," Proud actually released his second album in 1969, a year prior to The Madcap Laughs, and developed his indigenous psychedelia in virtual isolation. A Bird in the Engine is even more rare than his debut. ... more info

population one - theater of a confused mind (cd) Buy Now 

population one - theater of a confused mind (cd)

rush hour (nl)
Sale: $14.28
Save: 15% off
Deadly Population One album from Terrence Dixon on Rush Hour. Under the Population One codename, Detroit citizen Terrence Dixon has realized some of his most vivid, esoteric portals to the Motor City mindset. Theater of a Confused Mind is Dixon's second album in this mode and marks a timely return to Rush Hour 20 years after his debut album, Unknown Black Shapes, and the Hippnotic Culture 2LP, whose "Rush Hour" track inspired the label's name. In ... more info

robert curgenven - they tore the earth and, like a scar, it swallowed them (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

robert curgenven - they tore the earth and, like a scar, it swallowed them (12inch vinyl lp)

recorded fields editions (uk)
Sale: $20.23
Save: 15% off
"It is with regret I have had to record the existence of such large areas of desert land encountered in my travels in Australia." --Australia Twice Traversed (1889), Ernest Giles (1835-1897). They Tore the Earth and, Like a Scar, It Swallowed Them is a very physical negotiation of territories voided by history. Forged from the historical dynamics of the settler colonial trope, the album plays out across four scenes, through the eyes not of the ... more info

sungod - s/t (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

sungod - s/t (12inch vinyl lp)

holodeck (us)
Sale: $15.30
Save: 15% off
*Includes download code* Sungod approach their work with a purposeful disregard for chronological and geographic borders alike, devoid of any fixed time or point of origin. Touching on the modern and the classic, Sungod‘s five expansive tracks offer a series of portals into the past while maintaining a contemporary progressive sound. With a new line-up of auxiliary musicians contributing to the exploration of a full-spectrum of sonic planes, Sungod ... more info

the skull defekts - street metal (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

the skull defekts - street metal (12inch vinyl lp)

diagonal (uk)
Sale: $18.87
Save: 15% off
Swedish hypno-rok experimentalists, The Skull Defekts, make a perfect addition to the Diagonal roster with the psycho-glam swagger of Street Metal, their follow-up to Dances in Dreams of the Known Unknown for Thrill Jockey. Comprising five tracks, including two extended dancefloor hypnotizers, Street Metal captures the mercurial unit of Joachim Nordwall (vocals, guitar, oscillator), Jean-Louis Huhta (percussion, electronics), Daniel Higgs (ghost ... more info

tin man - ode (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

tin man - ode (2x12inch vinyl lp)

acid test (us)
Sale: $21.93
Save: 15% off
Gatefold double LP version, in gatefold sleeve. Includes download card. What does a rave sound like the next day? The strobe lights in a dark warehouse, the pounding kick, the blur of ecstatic faces lead to a morning-after emptiness, all fade into memories of the friends you once had. On Ode, Tin Man (proper name Johannes Auvinen) explores this feeling, offering tracks which possess an exhausted joy, the aural equivalent of the stretch of time ... more info

va - aimer et perdre - to love & to lose - songs, 1917-1934 (3x12inch vinyl lp box) Buy Now 

va - aimer et perdre - to love & to lose - songs, 1917-1934 (3x12inch vinyl lp box)

angry mom records (us)
Sale: $39.27
Save: 15% off
This is one from the heart. The unique pre-war music of the Cajun bayous, the Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine and Poland, and the American rural countryside has been collected to narrate the human odyssey of love gained and love lost. Early songs of unbridled anticipation and desperate longing color the canvas of love, courtship, dejection and marriage... a never-ending cycle. The accompanying 16-page booklet features many rare, previously ... more info

va - folk music of the sahel vol. 1: niger (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

va - folk music of the sahel vol. 1: niger (2x12inch vinyl lp)

sublime frequencies (us)
Sale: $27.37
Save: 15% off
Folk Music of the Sahel: Niger consists of field recordings collected in the Republic of Niger during the course of six expeditions undertaken by Hisham Mayet between 2004 and 2014. This first volume in Sublime Frequencies' new Folk Music of the Sahel series comprises a subjective but spectacular overview of Hausa, Zarma, Fulani, Songhai and Tuareg music culled from Mayet's rich archives. On this lavish double album, Mayet methodically reveals the ... more info

va - murderers' home (cassette) Buy Now 

va - murderers' home (cassette)

death is not the end (uk)
Sale: $8.33
Save: 15% off
**A collection of recordings from the Mississippi State Penitentiary in 1947, issued here on a lovingly designed cassette, limited to 100 copies** "I ain't got long, I aint got long, in this murd'er's home..." The Death Is Not The End label return for a second cassette reissue of penitentiary field recordings, in the form of the Alan Lomax compiled 'Murderers' Home' LP - a collection of work songs and field hollers performed by inmates of the ... more info

valgeir sigurdsson - draumalandið (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

valgeir sigurdsson - draumalandið (12inch vinyl lp)

bedroom community (ic)
Sale: $17.85
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Valgeir Sigurðsson's 2010 release Draumalandið is now finally being released on 12" vinyl. Iceland's Sigurðsson has made his name as an exponent of musical subtlety. As an engineer and producer, he's often focused on the intimate, the miniature. On his solo debut Ekvílibríum (HVALUR 003CD/LP), his songwriting and composition tended towards the muted or the oblique. His best-known work is punctuated with question marks and ellipses, and the rare ... more info

some truths - bliss abyss (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

some truths - bliss abyss (2x12inch vinyl lp)

we can elude control (uk)
Sale: $20.23
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Following his 2014 releases as Bass Clef for PAN and Alter, London-based musician Ralph Cumbers presents Bliss Abyss, a double-LP of new material under his Some Truths alter ego. Bringing together strands of house, techno, fractured rhythm, and anthemic modular synthesis, the album demonstrates Cumbers' vision as one of experimental music's most singular voices. As he adeptly distills strands of the familiar and abstract into a series of tonal and ... more info

elodie lauten - transform ep (limited edition) (12inch vinyl) Buy Now 

elodie lauten - transform ep (limited edition) (12inch vinyl)

wilde calm records (us)
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Edition of 100 copies printed on deluxe Stumptown White/Kraft Duplex jackets from Portland's Stumptown Printers. These jackets are really beautiful with a slight texture, off-white color, and kraft interior. Hand-numbered silk-screened jackets with a full-color insert. Wilde Calm Records is honored to present new work from the late Elodie Lauten, New York City-based composer and recipient of the 2014 Robert Rauschenberg Award. Lauten had been ... more info

eric frye - abyssal folding (cassette) Buy Now 

eric frye - abyssal folding (cassette)

anòmia (sp)
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*Includes download.* Abyssal Folding is comprised of twelve individual sonic forms which were created by a concentrated and methodical pulling apart and particulat-ing of common rhythmic patterns. This process of dissecting and examining the isolated sound particles allows for an often seemingly chaotic reassembling of forms to take shape. The result is a stretching and morphing of the common rhythmic meter to reveal frenetically propelled and ... more info

forrest - beyond the withered hills (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

forrest - beyond the withered hills (12inch vinyl lp)

i, absentee (us)
Sale: $18.62
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Warren Kroll's meditative ambient/drone project, Forrest, returns for just his second full-length in seven years, "Beyond The Withered Hills." Appearing amongst the ranks of labels such as Home Normal, Infraction, Dragon's Eye Recordings and Install and collaborating along the way with musicians such as Coppice Halifax, Ian Hawgood, Ontayso and more, Kroll has turned his attention to his solo output with a new LP on Los Angeles based label I, ... more info

the invisible hands - teslam (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

the invisible hands - teslam (12inch vinyl lp)

abduction (us)
Sale: $16.49
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LP version. "The Invisible Hands is a transcontinental collaboration between Alvarius B. (Alan Bishop of Sun City Girls) and four stellar young musicians from Cairo, Egypt: Cherif El Masri, Aya Hemeda (both formerly of the popular Egyptian group Eskenderella), Adham Zidan and Magued Nagati. On Teslam, The Invisible Hands expand the already panoramic range of their eponymous debut LP with a haunting set of melodic, impeccably crafted songs whose ... more info

horse lords - hidden cities (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

horse lords - hidden cities (12inch vinyl lp)

nna tapes (us)
Sale: $15.47
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"The second LP from Baltimore's Horse Lords?. music that is alternately tight and loose, real-time risky and process oriented, reconciling the sweaty force of a killer basement show with the icy precision of conservatory training. On opening track 'Outer East' the band showcases its considerable range and sick chops: over a low-slung motorik groove, Andrew Bernstein spins a smoky web of sax-into-delay that recalls Terry Riley's 'Reed Streams'. The ... more info

jonas kopp - beyond the hypnosis (cd) Buy Now 

jonas kopp - beyond the hypnosis (cd)

tresor (be)
Sale: $13.09
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If there's one thing Jonas Kopp has proven over the last decade it's that he can turn his hand to just about anything. Since debuting on P?rter's revered MindTrip Music back in 2006, the Buenos Aires native has managed to rack up a rich and compelling discography, coursing with ease through electronic music's various forms. From warm Chicago house through to deep, dark and driving techno on labels like Deeply Rooted House, Stroboscopic Artefacts and ... more info

tom dissevelt - fantasy in orbit: round the world with electronic music (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

tom dissevelt - fantasy in orbit: round the world with electronic music (12inch vinyl lp)

sonitron records (sp)
Sale: $17.85
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Even before the landing of men onto the moon or any space travels, majestic Tom Dissevelt captured the essence of the space mood and science fiction aesthetic. Fantasy in Orbit draws the blueprint for a future sound, later recognized as "Electronic Music," as simple as that. The music is this jaunty space-age swirl, with synthetic oscillations and bubbling textures, creating what is one moment playful, the next menacing, as they struggle to reign in ... more info

ariel pink - pom pom (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

ariel pink - pom pom (2x12inch vinyl lp)

4ad (us)
Sale: $19.21
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Across its 17 tracks and 69 minutes, pom pom is unfiltered Ariel Pink, featuring infectious tales of romance, murder, frog princes and Jell-O. The record sees the Los Angeles native strike it out alone, returning to the solo moniker he has adopted for well over a decade.

tom dissevelt/kid baltan - the fascinating world of electronic music (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

tom dissevelt/kid baltan - the fascinating world of electronic music (12inch vinyl lp)

sonitron records (sp)
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Since it was established in 1914 the Phillips Research laboratories (NatLab) in Holland has given us the very first artificial reverb, tape recording, stereo, the cassette tape, CD, DVD, Blu-ray, and the songs of Tom Dissevelt and Kid Baltan. You see, back in the Cold War, with the arms race and the frequent threat of annihilation via an atom bomb, technology had developed something of an image problem. Consequently, Phillips brought in some ... more info

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