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om - conference of the birds (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

om - conference of the birds (12inch vinyl lp)

holy mountain (us)
$18.50  $16.65
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Clear vinyl. "Comprised of two songs that build on their use of cyclical rhythm, riff and vocal intonation, Om 's 2006 album Conference of the Birds blends metal, chant, drone, dub and psychedelia. The group's lyrics expound upon the structure of the universe, potentiality and freedom from the physical body. Engineered by Billy Anderson and produced by the band, Conference of the Birds is a fully realized work from a forward-thinking band at their ... more info

alex menzies - mechanical marvels: clockwork dreams (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

alex menzies - mechanical marvels: clockwork dreams (12inch vinyl lp)

kathexis (us)
$23.30  $20.97
Save: 10% off
Mechanical Marvels: Clockwork Dreams is Alex Menzies', aka techno head Alex Smoke, follow up to 2015's Order & Disorder LP (KTX 003LP) release for Kathexis, both original soundtracks to BBC4 documentaries. The film Mechanical Marvels: Clockwork Dreams explores the amazing and untold story of automata - extraordinary clockwork machines designed hundreds of years ago to mimic and recreate life. Much of the instrumentation used for Menzies' carefully ... more info

klaus schulze - irrlicht (cd) Buy Now 

klaus schulze - irrlicht (cd)

made in germany (de)
$19.90  $17.91
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"Re-release of 1972 Klaus Schulze album Irrlicht. Klaus Schulze: Irrlicht has more connections to Musique concrete than with today's electronics. I had not owned a synthesizer at the time. I had a damaged amplifier, a modified organ and a cassette recorder with a cheap microphone. I just went to a Colloquium Musica Orchestra rehearsal with it and recorded it. I just wanted to have the sound and played the tape backwards afterwards."

klaus schulze - trancefer (cd) Buy Now 

klaus schulze - trancefer (cd)

made in germany (de)
$19.90  $17.91
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"Re-release of the originally 1972 released Klaus Schulze album Trancefer. Always a soundwave in front of the rivalry, Schulze presents his album together with the percussionist Mike Shrieve (Santana), who performs real marvels on his two barrels, and the cellist Wolfgang Tiepold, who forms a pleasant contrast to Schulze's often hard and strictly synthesizer patterns with his warm touch. (Stereoplay, Germany, 1982)"

karachi files - karachi files (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

karachi files - karachi files (12inch vinyl lp)

noland (de)
$25.30  $22.77
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Double LP version. In May 2015, an assortment of electronic musicians from Pakistan, the Maldives and Germany followed the footsteps of brothers Hannes and Andi Teichmann, otherwise known as Gebrüder Teichmann, the Forever South crew and the Goethe-Institut to meet in Karachi; Pakistan's industrial capital, harbored on the Arabian Sea. A house was remolded into a temporary recording studio. It would become a place to meet, inspire and be inspired, ... more info

twinkeyz - alpha jerk (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

twinkeyz - alpha jerk (12inch vinyl lp)

s-s records
$21.30  $19.17
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"From Sacramento via outer space comes The Twinkeyz and their Alpha Jerk LP, restored to excellence after 40 years! During the sizzling hot summer of 1976, Donnie Jupiter, Tom Darling and Walter Smith decided to break out of their boredom with a band. The group was named after Pink Fairies drummer Twink, and influnced by the Fairies, Velvet Underground, Thirteenth Floor Elevators and other underground favorites. In 1977, The Twinkeyz recorded and ... more info

derek piotr - drono (cd) Buy Now 

derek piotr - drono (cd)

line (us)
$13.50  $12.15
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Derek Piotr’s Drono is, as its name suggests, a drone album. It emphasizes the form and durational composition of drone through unquantized, glitching samples and near-absence of rhythm. Yet this is a drone album preoccupied with mutability: the tracks are technically built on sustained harmonic centers, but they feature variation, movement and depth that transcend the limits of drone’s singularity. Rather than emphasising static monotony, each ... more info

grimes / d'eon - darkbloom (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

grimes / d'eon - darkbloom (12inch vinyl lp)

arbutus records (us)
$18.70  $16.83
Save: 10% off
A joint release by LA's Hippos In Tanks and Montreal's Arbutus Records, the Darkbloom EP is a thrilling split by d'Eon and Grimes. Once both rising stars in Montreal's independent music scene, they produced their respective sides independently, though the project was conceptualized together. Harnessing the dark energy of her sophomore album Halfaxa, along with the shimmering dream pop of her debut Geidi Primes, Grimes' side represents a synthesis of ... more info

lost in mali - lost in mail (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

lost in mali - lost in mail (12inch vinyl lp)

riverboat (uk)
$18.70  $16.83
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Lost In Mali opens with an immersive sound-scape from the streets of Mali; children’s lilting laughter peppers the lower ululations of wise adult chatter, grinding work sounds and distant honking traffic. Woven into the commonplace sounds of everyday life, we can hear the cadence and rhythms of Malian music bound deeply within. Riverboat Records’ ‘Lost In…’ series beams you straight to far flung locations. What’s more, all of the tracks presented ... more info

chou wen-chung - eternal pine (cd) Buy Now 

chou wen-chung - eternal pine (cd)

new world records (us)
$15.60  $14.04
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"The series of works featured on this album ushers in a new orientation for Chou Wen-chung (b. 1923) because it marks his first direct engagement with traditional East Asian musical ensembles. The genesis of Eternal Pine came about in part by his longstanding friendship and scholarly exchange with the eminent Korean musicologist Lee Hyeku. Owing to the persistence of a gayageum master, Yi Ji-young, Chou first composed Eternal Pine I for the Korean ... more info

dan melchior - home of the blues (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

dan melchior - home of the blues (12inch vinyl lp)

kye (us)
$19.60  $17.64
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"Kye is proud to present Home of the Blues, the latest LP by Dan Melchior, and his sophomore effort for the label following 2012's now legendary Excerpts (& Half-Speeds). For Home of the Blues Dan agreed to undergo a series of exercises aimed not only at destabilizing his natural songwriting process, but also testing the durability of the blues idiom when placed under stress. As one would expect, Dan met the challenge with aplomb, hoisting the ... more info

raymond boni/jean marc foussat/joe mcphee - the paris concert (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

raymond boni/jean marc foussat/joe mcphee - the paris concert (12inch vinyl lp)

kye (us)
$18.90  $17.01
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"Kye is proud to present The Paris Concert, the second installment in our Joe McPhee archival series, following 2015's To Be Continued. Recorded May 13th 2015 The Paris Concert documents a historical private performance held in a 5th floor Paris apartment to an invited audience of 15 people. '40 years after a chance meeting in 1975 at The American Center in Paris, Raymond Boni (guitar), Jean Marc Foussat (synthesizer) and Joe McPhee (tenor/pocket ... more info

peter ablinger - voices and piano (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

peter ablinger - voices and piano (12inch vinyl lp)

god records (at)
$24.70  $22.23
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Austrian composer Peter Ablinger's Voices and Piano performed by English pianist and avant-garde specialist Nicolas Hodges. "The general idea of Voices and Piano probably has to do with the fact that when somebody speaks to me I never miss the melody of the speech but sometimes the meaning. When I was a young boy my mother asked me to go out to buy a pound of butter, 10 eggs and a loaf of bread. I listened very attentively. I loved how she spoke to ... more info

opcion - monos/und (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

opcion - monos/und (12inch vinyl lp)

god records (at)
$24.70  $22.23
Save: 10% off
Opcion (formerly known as Ab-Hinc) is not an unknown name on God Records, having remixed Kajkyt's Krst (GOD 04, 2011). The first side of his debut, MONOS/UND, offers three pieces of heavily processed and composed noise accompanied with harsh beats. On the second side he joins forces with Maja Osojnik, Bernhard Loibner, and Kurt Bauer for improvised pieces that were then edited into fully formed compositions. Opcion: composition; Maja Osojnik: ... more info

crowdspacer presents - jhack (12inch vinyl) Buy Now 

crowdspacer presents - jhack (12inch vinyl)

crowdspacer (nl)
$13.10  $11.79
Save: 10% off
A new collaboration project on Crowdspacer. Ricardo Miranda: "Shit is muthafunk'n raw to the bone. Jump'n turnstiles House Music." Bryce Hackford, part of one of the most daring DJ crew Deep Trouble and true purveyor of a certain New York club culture legacy (think Arthur Russell) came to Joakim's studio and after a few hours of live synth and drum machine jamming, Jhack was born. This is psychedelic voodoo house music.

polwechsel - untitled (no7) (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

polwechsel - untitled (no7) (12inch vinyl lp)

god records (at)
$24.70  $22.23
Save: 10% off
On the Viennese music scene since the mid-'90s, Polwechsel easily qualify as legendary, regardless of which form the group takes. Consisting on this recording of Werner Dafeldecker (double bass), Michael Moser (cello), Martin Brandlmayr (percussion), and Burkhard Beins (percussion), they have always explored the borders between structured compositions and their improvisational aspects. The hectic nature of these pieces, amplified through their ... more info

crackboy - vhs stories part 2 (12inch vinyl) Buy Now 

crackboy - vhs stories part 2 (12inch vinyl)

crowdspacer (nl)
$13.10  $11.79
Save: 10% off
Dirty analog techno from French boss; Crackboy. Trevor Jackson: "Brilliant! Crackboy (and all his dirty aliases) never disappoint". For his second chapter on Crowdspacer, Crackboy, the king of French dirty analog techno, half of POV with label-boss Joakim, digs deeper into that Detroit melancholic, epic vibe with "Weapons Of Steel" on the A-side before going bonkers on the B-side with two naughty stripped-down beat-centric DJ tools for the sweaty ... more info

halim el-dabh & ron slabe - sanza time (cd) Buy Now 

halim el-dabh & ron slabe - sanza time (cd)

self released
$12.00  $10.80
Save: 10% off
Tines, touchscreens and turtle shells. "Sanza Time" is the momentous new album by one of the earliest pioneer's of electronic music Halim El-Dabh and collaborator Ron Slabe, a duo who collectively possess well over 100 years of experience. A uniquely beautiful album of kalimba and electronics. Egyptian-born Halim El-Dabh is internationally regarded as one of Egypt's most significant living composers. From his pioneering 1940s and 1950s electronic ... more info

mark leckey - dream english kid 1964-1999ad (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

mark leckey - dream english kid 1964-1999ad (12inch vinyl lp)

the death of rave (uk)
$18.20  $16.38
Save: 10% off
turner prize-winning artist mark leckey (b. 1964 in birkenhead, england) presents the soundtrack to his 2015 autobiographical film installation dream english kid 1964-1999ad on the death of rave, the label he inaugurated in 2012 with the first vinyl edition of the soundtrack to his 1999 video installation fiorucci made me hardcore (which has since been extensively sampled by a range of contemporary musicians including jamie xx). presented in its ... more info

pantha du prince - the triad (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

pantha du prince - the triad (2x12inch vinyl lp)

rough trade (uk)
$26.10  $23.49
Save: 10% off
Since his first 12” as Pantha Du Prince in 2002, Hendrik Weber has steadily built himself a career as a progenitor of the organic, humanistic branch of minimal techno that has helped the genre – and experimental electronic music more broadly – earn itself the place at the cultural table that it now has. And with his first proper solo Pantha Du Prince LP in 6 years, coming after 2010’s beloved, now-canonical Black Noise (and his acclaimed 2013 ... more info

pantha du prince - the triad (cd) Buy Now 

pantha du prince - the triad (cd)

rough trade (uk)
$14.10  $12.69
Save: 10% off
Since his first 12” as Pantha Du Prince in 2002, Hendrik Weber has steadily built himself a career as a progenitor of the organic, humanistic branch of minimal techno that has helped the genre – and experimental electronic music more broadly – earn itself the place at the cultural table that it now has. And with his first proper solo Pantha Du Prince LP in 6 years, coming after 2010’s beloved, now-canonical Black Noise (and his acclaimed 2013 ... more info

peter broderick - music for falling from trees (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

peter broderick - music for falling from trees (12inch vinyl lp)

western vinyl (us)
$15.60  $14.04
Save: 10% off
Peter Broderick’s Music for Falling From Trees, is a 29 minute piece, in seven sections, created for a contemporary dance by London's Adrienne Hart. Adrienne told Peter she was looking for a score of piano and strings, so he left the guitar and his voice aside and focused entirely on those two timbres. The dance tells the story of a man in a psychiatric hospital, and his struggle to maintain his identity. Beautifully utilizing piano and strings, the ... more info

piero umiliani - effetti musicali (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

piero umiliani - effetti musicali (12inch vinyl lp)

cinedelic records (it)
$36.20  $32.58
Save: 10% off
Limited edition of 500. Glossy sleeve. First reissue. Piero Umiliani's self-released 1968 Effetti Musicali LP exposes his art and his versatility; among his keyboards and other implements, Umiliani creates overlapping sounds and situations with full artistic autonomy, free from the influence of any outside producer. The result is a stunning psychedelic experiment. Remastered from the original Umiliani family master tapes. "We all love a bit of ... more info

robert curgenven - sirene (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

robert curgenven - sirene (12inch vinyl lp)

recorded fields editions (uk)
$23.80  $21.42
Save: 10% off
It was the discovery in Australia of a 1932 photograph of Robert Curgenven's grandfather -- whose grandfather in turn had emigrated from Cornwall to Australia back in the 1800s -- which was the inspiration that brought Sirčne together. Five generations after that first migration across the ocean, Robert Curgenven had been the first of his line to return to the Atlantic peninsula after many years in central and northern Australia. In Cornwall, living ... more info

the legendary pink dots - pages of aquarius (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

the legendary pink dots - pages of aquarius (2x12inch vinyl lp)

metropolis records (us)
$30.10  $27.09
Save: 10% off
"The Legendary Pink Dots is an Anglo-Dutch experimental rock band formed in London in 1980. Though far outside the mainstream, LPD have released more than 40 albums, have a devoted worldwide following, & tour frequently. Distinctive vocals & lyrical imagery blended with hypnotic guitar & synth washes and spellbinding bass pulses to create an enthralling, captivating release. Ltd 2LP w. bonus track."

t_a_m - in tandem (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

t_a_m - in tandem (12inch vinyl lp)

apothecary compositions (us)
$15.00  $12.00
Save: 20% off
In Tandem by T_A_M Debut LP from Aberdeen's T_A_M. This LP showcases very personal, uncategorizable works from this Scottish producer that reflects his vast field of influence and geographical position. T_A_M has been on the upswing since 2012 with EP's from Tuff Wax, Coyote, Apothecary Compositions, Local Action and more. Limited pressing of 300 copies worldwide (includes Fair Waur digital bonus cut and T_A_M's Tail Snap digital EP)

glenn branca - symphony no. 1 (tonal plexus) (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

glenn branca - symphony no. 1 (tonal plexus) (2x12inch vinyl lp)

roir (us)
$28.30  $22.64
Save: 20% off
"Recorded across two nights in 1981 at New York's legendary Performing Garage and originally released in 1983 on cassette, Symphony No. 1 has been remastered for vinyl and reissued for the first time as a heavyweight 180 gram (2x12inch vinyl lp) set in a deluxe gatefold jacket. The limited edition pressing features additional liner notes written by Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth) alongside the original notes by Jon Pareles (The New York Times) and now ... more info

terence hannum - beneath the remains (book) Buy Now 

terence hannum - beneath the remains (book)

anathemata editions (us)
$10.00  $8.00
Save: 20% off
*Perfect bound / 76pages* Terence Hannum is a Baltimore, MD based visual artist, musician and writer. Known for his work with the avant-metal band Locrian (Relapse Records). Beneath the Remains is his first novella. After their parents’ acrimonious divorce brothers Galen and Spencer are moved to South-West Florida by their mother and new stepdad. It is the early 1990s and the brothers were told of a land of sunshine and a fresh start that they ... more info

interferon - arc (7inch vinyl) Buy Now 

interferon - arc (7inch vinyl)

apothecary compositions (us)
$6.80  $5.44
Save: 20% off
Arc by Interferon Limited Edition Transparent Orange 7" Vinyl. Interferon is the strongest new US export for beautifully crafted Techno with that unique noisy edge. In a short period of time he has garnered the attention of kings in the game including Paul Birken, Eomac, JoeFarr and many more. We are very proud to have him contribute to our second release on the Vials 7" line. Arc and Span are as cleanly produced as they are unforgivingly brutal; a ... more info

myler - butter soft leather (7inch vinyl) Buy Now 

myler - butter soft leather (7inch vinyl)

apothecary compositions (us)
$6.80  $5.44
Save: 20% off
Butter Soft Leather by Myler Limited Edition 7" Transparent Blue Vinyl w/Black on Black Sleeve. Apothecary Compositions proudly presents new seven inch vinyl line: Vials. The premier release comes from Ireland’s up and coming techno trendsetter, Myler. Myler has graced a plethora of labels and has garnered support from some of the biggest names: Blawan, Surgeon, Clouds, Untold, Randomer and more. Butter Soft Leather showcases Myler’s diverse take on ... more info

yves tumor - when man fails you (cassette + booklet) Buy Now 

yves tumor - when man fails you (cassette + booklet)

apothecary compositions (us)
$7.90  $6.32
Save: 20% off
When Man Fails You by Yves Tumor Clear cassette with white ink imprint, photo booklet in a black resealable pvc bag. The first in the REAP series dedicated to redistributing albums worldwide in digital and physical formats. Dogfood Music Group / NON alum Yves Tumor's critically acclaimed When Man Fails You is a piece of genius resistance and power. Experimental compositions of multi-instrumentation, samples and noise swirl back and forth and create a ... more info

kazuki koga - the salathe wall (cassette) Buy Now 

kazuki koga - the salathe wall (cassette)

apothecary compositions (us)
$6.80  $5.44
Save: 20% off
The Salathé Wall by Kazuki Koga pro printed and duplicated cassette with 2 sided j-card, black ink imprint housed i a black backed norelco case Kazuki Koga continues his unique approach to composition through the Gorge framework, influenced by rock climbing and more. The Salathé Wall is an imagined experience of climbing the rock of the same name in audio form; harsh, challenging yet ultimately beautiful.

okonkolo - rezos (10inch vinyl) Buy Now 

okonkolo - rezos (10inch vinyl)

big crown (us)
$17.10  $13.68
Save: 20% off
"'Puntilla took me to his house, they put me in front of the sacred drums. I kneeled down, I prostrated, and they did a consultation with the sacred drums to see if the spirit of the drum, the Ana, accepts me as his son.' This is how Abraham Rodriguez, lead singer of Okonkolo, describes his introduction to the Santeria religion. In the decades that followed, he would become a priest and master drummer, using these sacred bata drums to bring the ... more info

peter baumann - machines of desire (cd) Buy Now 

peter baumann - machines of desire (cd)

bureau b (de)
$17.40  $13.92
Save: 20% off
"In October 2014 an idea suddenly came to mind. Although I had spent much of my life performing, recording and producing music, my attention over the immediately preceding years had been focused on the philosophy and psychology of human nature. It was a rewarding exploration, but I missed being more creative -- suddenly I felt the urge to play music again. I built a recording studio in my basement and began writing material for the first time in a ... more info

circles - structures (cd) Buy Now 

circles - structures (cd)

bureau b (de)
$17.40  $13.92
Save: 20% off
Latecomers to the krautrock party, Circles created a manifesto of frenzied inertia in the late 1980s, swimming in the same gene pool as Cluster and Popol Vuh. Ambient music for the end of time does not get any more authentic than this. The Structures album is a time capsule unlocked, containing previously unreleased recordings from 1985 to 1989. Music that blends the extremes of end-times foreboding and drifting lightness to beguiling effect. Music ... more info

christian naujoks - wave (cd) Buy Now 

christian naujoks - wave (cd)

dial (de)
$17.40  $13.92
Save: 20% off
Christian Naujoks follows his 2009 self-titled debut (DIAL 013CD) and his piano-focused 2012 follow-up, True Life/In Flames (DIAL 024CD/LP), with his third album, Wave, a work dedicated to the electric guitar. Inspired by The Durutti Column, John Fahey, Vincent Gallo, Azalia Snail, David Grubbs, and many others, Christian Naujoks breaks the boundaries between songwriting and minimalism; between folk music and contemporary art. The recording sessions ... more info

death in vegas - transmission (cd) Buy Now 

death in vegas - transmission (cd)

drone (uk)
$16.00  $12.80
Save: 20% off
Death in Vegas returns with Transmission, the sixth release from the project begun by Richard Fearless nearly two decades ago. This album forges new miles on the path Fearless carved with Satan's Circus and Trans-Love Energies, and is born of his desire for an ever more raw, refined sound. United over a love of Throbbing Gristle and Chris & Cosey, Fearless partners with artist and writer Sasha Grey, whose lyrics resonate across the soundscape of ... more info

jiflure - extraits (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

jiflure - extraits (12inch vinyl lp)

editions gravats (fr)
$17.10  $13.68
Save: 20% off
Low Jack's unpredictable Editions Gravats twist out gruff, grooving extracts, or Extraits, of textural and rhythmic sound art from Jean-Franēois Plomb's JiFlure installation, making up the French artist/plastician's idiosyncratic debut release. These are tightly coiled yet wickedly chaotic creations, gleaned from a jerry-rigged set-up of three compressed cardboard suitcases containing four mechanical sanzas (mbiras aka "thumb pianos") built from ... more info

jean-bernard raiteux - les demons (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

jean-bernard raiteux - les demons (12inch vinyl lp)

finders keepers (uk)
$25.80  $20.64
Save: 20% off
The unreleased Euro pysch score to the French/Portuguese X-rated version of The Devils meets The Witchfinder General! Synchronized by Spanish anti-establishmentarian, sexual liberator, die-hard independent filmmaker and unrepentant voyeur Jess Franco (Vampyros Lesbos, De Sade). Composed entirely by French composer Jean-Bernard Raiteux aka Jean-Michel Lorgere and presented here in full soundtrack form for the first time. Proudly claiming the dubious ... more info

bruno spoerri - langstrasse zwischen 12 und 12 (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

bruno spoerri - langstrasse zwischen 12 und 12 (12inch vinyl lp)

finders keepers (uk)
$25.80  $20.64
Save: 20% off
Swiss composer Bruno Spoerri, in conjunction with long term collaborators Finders Keepers, finally unleashes the master tapes to an obscure 1972 feature length documentary called Langstrasse Zwischen 12 und 12 (Long Street Between Midday And Midnight). Directed by Gianni Paggi (who had also worked on Swiss pop music weekly Hits A Gogo) and radio host and author Max Rüeger this seldom seen film studied the stark counter balance between the lifestyles ... more info

pointe du lac - pointe du lac (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

pointe du lac - pointe du lac (12inch vinyl lp)

gonzai records (fr)
$20.90  $16.72
Save: 20% off
Having successfully reissued French cult prog album Pole by Besombes and Rizet, Gonzai Records now pursues its exploration of kosmische and repetitive music with the vinyl release of Pointe Du Lac's self-titled album, initially brought out digitally in October of 2014. Pointe Du Lac (Point of the Lake) is a French trip to Kosmische Land oscillating between the German autobahn of Kraftwerk and one of the most romantic Parisian subway stations, which ... more info

the loved drones - good luck universe! (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

the loved drones - good luck universe! (12inch vinyl lp)

gonzai records (fr)
$20.90  $16.72
Save: 20% off
Based in the industrial steel mining town of Liege in Belgium, The Loved Drones created a mind-expanding suite of instrumental tracks built on meditative drones. Good Luck Universe!, their second album, takes in krautrock, post-rock, electro and heavy rock, as well as more reflective sitar strewn musical mantras to drift away to. The album was recorded in a now defunct industrial zone behind a high-speed overpass in Liege. It's a ghost town that ... more info

the married monk - the belgian kick (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

the married monk - the belgian kick (2x12inch vinyl lp)

gonzai records (fr)
$24.70  $19.76
Save: 20% off
Having successfully reissued French cult self-titled LP Marie Et les Garcons (FBK 001LP), Gonzaļ Records now strikes back with another French rock UFO, never released on vinyl since its beginnings in 1993: The Married Monk. Twelve years after its first CD release (Ici d'Ailleurs, 2004), here comes critically acclaimed album The Belgian Kick, a French glam-rock goldies record recorded at Yann Tiersen's studio by Jim Waters (Jon Spencer Blues ... more info

jacno - tant de temps (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

jacno - tant de temps (2x12inch vinyl lp)

gonzai records (fr)
$24.70  $19.76
Save: 20% off
Most known as the composer of cult-synth track "Rectangle" (1980), Jacno had a long, eventful life. He formed the first French punk band with Elli & Jacno, then produced the '80s French avant-garde (Lio, Etienne Daho, Mathematiques Modernes) and finally started his own solo career, seeming like a perfect crossover between David Bowie (the look), Bryan Ferry (the style) and Serge Gainsbourg (the glamorous way of smoking), both in equal measure. ... more info

black sun productions - toilet chant (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

black sun productions - toilet chant (12inch vinyl lp)

hallow ground (sw)
$25.80  $20.64
Save: 20% off
The musicians and performance artists Pierce and Massimo, aka Black Sun Productions, initially acquired recognition with their impressive performances at Coil live shows. Toilet Chant, which was released in 2004 as a limited CD, also includes John Balance's edited voice, which was recorded during the tour. Toilet Chant is disturbing in its own way. The beseeching and eerily howling sound-collage on the introductory title track causes one to freeze, ... more info

va - heavy psych sounds sampler (cd) Buy Now 

va - heavy psych sounds sampler (cd)

heavy psych sounds (it)
$6.40  $5.12
Save: 20% off
Heavy Psych Sounds Compilation gives a chance to all Heavy Psych Sounds fans to be able to know all the bands of the 2015/2016 roster. Composed of 17 artists who occasionally cooperated with Heavy Psych Sounds or that are permanently part of their family. Featuring: Ape Machine, Banquet, Black Rainbows, Deadsmoke, Duel, Farflung, Glitter Wizard, Holy Grove, Isaak, Killer Boogie, Killer Boogie, Monsternaut, My Home On Tress, Old Man Lizard, Stoned ... more info

18+ - collect (cd) Buy Now 

18+ - collect (cd)

houndstooth (uk)
$16.60  $13.28
Save: 20% off
18+ return with Collect, their most ambitious and powerful work to date. Recorded collaboratively between Justin and Samia's respective Berlin and Honolulu residences, the album is a product of their physical geographical distance and autobiographical individual growth: the fragmented meeting of displaced minds, reflecting on society's interaction in a variety of contexts, from platonic, to professional, to economic. Mastered by Matt Colton, MPG ... more info

komon & will saul - lost in time ep (12inch vinyl) Buy Now 

komon & will saul - lost in time ep (12inch vinyl)

kompakt (de)
$12.20  $9.76
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Not one to be pigeonholed, DJ and producer Will Saul (the artist behind Simple and Aus Music) has always run the gamut of electronic dance music, from deep house to techno and UK bass. For the Lost In Time EP, he teams up with Bristol-based soundsmith Komon (with whom he has previously collaborated on his DJ-Kicks installment and remixes for Ninja Tune (Kelis) and Houndstooth (Throwing Snow). They turn in a swooping trio of floor-versed cuts that are ... more info

bary center - no stars (cassette) Buy Now 

bary center - no stars (cassette)

mj mj records (us)
$7.00  $5.60
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No Stars by Bary Center The second installment in our spring series is a fantastic, and slightly out of character, Bary Center album. Under the moniker Bary Center, Mark Williams has been releasing burnt up, knockout techno at a furious pace on a number of fine labels (Crash Symbols, Skrot Up, MJ MJ, Speaker Footage, Gnar Tapes, Headway). Even with such an impressive discography we can honestly say this is probably our favorite album that he's put ... more info

fp-oner (aka fred p) - 6 (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

fp-oner (aka fred p) - 6 (2x12inch vinyl lp)

mule musiq (de)
$25.80  $20.64
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Double LP version. Fred P aka FP-Oner returns with 6, demonstrating the many cosmic qualities of his deeper shade of soul. 6 is the second part of a trilogy that features his detailed sonic landscapes, full of mystery and power. While 5 (MUSIQ 048CD, 2015) leaned more to the jazzier, relaxed, and atmospheric side of his artistically deep house expressions, 6 grinds even deeper into spherical worlds that enhance deep meditative highs. They are not ... more info

seamus cater - the three things you can hear (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

seamus cater - the three things you can hear (12inch vinyl lp)

nearly not there records (nl)
$24.70  $19.76
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"Lovely record. An intimate, unshowy, reaching blend of British folk and minimalism in the tradition of Robert Wyatt solo; quietly co-mingling Henry Flynt and Ivor Cutler, Eastern outernationalism and Radio art. Beautifully presented, too; in a die-cut, inside-out sleeve, with a poster. "

reformartwest - for sepp (selections from the edgar allan poe suite) (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

reformartwest - for sepp (selections from the edgar allan poe suite) (12inch vinyl lp)

nero's neptune (us)
$23.80  $19.04
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Over the course of five decades, the legendary Austrian free jazz collective Reform Art Unit (and their offshoot groups) have collaborated with countless musicians, including Don Cherry, Carla Bley, Evan Parker, and Jim Pepper. Documented collaborations with free jazz notables include Impressions (Kovarik's Musikothek, 1978) with Anthony Braxton and Clifford Thornton; Subway Performances (Granit, 1994) and Illumination (InRespect, 1995) with Sunny ... more info

va - wake up you! vol. 2 (cd + book) Buy Now 

va - wake up you! vol. 2 (cd + book)

now-again (us)
$26.10  $20.88
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"The Western world was in the throes of peace, love and flower power as Nigeria descended into Civil War in 1967. The rock scene that developed during the following three years of bloodshed and destruction would come to heal the country, propagate the world-wide ideal of the Modern Nigerian, and propel Fela to stardom after conflict ended in 1970. Wake Up You! tells the story of this time, pays homage to these now-forgotten musicians and their ... more info

marsen jules - shadows in time (cd) Buy Now 

marsen jules - shadows in time (cd)

oktaf (de)
$17.40  $13.92
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Marsen Jules releases his concept album Shadows in Time on Oktaf Records Ever since Steve Reich's "It's Gonna Rain" and Brian Eno's Music For Airports, musicians have used different techniques to create music, which modulates on the basis of strict rules of varying over and over and thus emerges from the very moment itself. Thereby, it is the great depth of a composer's artistry to determine the possibilities, to define the fine line between ... more info

virginia - fierce for the night (cd) Buy Now 

virginia - fierce for the night (cd)

ostgut ton (de)
$17.40  $13.92
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Virginia steps up with her first full-length on Ostgut Ton, playfully answering all questions and rhetorics about love, lust and life with her singing on eleven new songs. Fierce For The Night is co-produced by renowned artists Dexter, Martyn and Steffi. The album offers a very personal insight to her inner self while drawing from club culture's long and rich history. Virginia says, "My challenge was writing an album that works as well on the floor ... more info

los terrificos - go south (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

los terrificos - go south (2x12inch vinyl lp)

peace & rhythm (us)
$29.60  $23.68
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Peace & Rhythm presents the double 12" LP by Los Terrificos. Taking inspiration from Latin, African, Caribbean, North and South American sources as diverse as the "narco corridos" of Mexico and Afrobeat, not to mention Cowboy Western film soundtracks, surf, psychedelic Amazonian cumbia, dub, electronica, funk, Andean folk, even disco, this record is wide ranging yet cohesive. Go South has a unique, dynamic hybrid "narco-delic" sound that leaps out of ... more info

cloud one - funky disco tracks of cloud one (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

cloud one - funky disco tracks of cloud one (12inch vinyl lp)

queen constance records (us)
$21.10  $16.88
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"Cloud One was always a studio outlet for Patrick Adams to experiment. Even after the success of Atmosphere Strut, Adams continued to experiment with synthesizers (in particular the minimoog) to make this his signature sound or 'voice' as he called it. An indeed his usage of the synth was completely different from some of his contemporaries. With titles like 'Jump, Jump, Jump, Funky Track,' 'Stomp Your Feet and Dance' or 'Music Funk,' it was clear ... more info

mental overdrive - plugged (cd) Buy Now 

mental overdrive - plugged (cd)

rett i fletta (no)
$17.40  $13.92
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21 year old Norwegian techno classic Plugged by Per Martinsen aka Mental Overdrive gets the expanded and remastered treatment on Full Pupp's "techno not techno" offshoot Rett I Fletta. He first entered the world of music-making by playing drums in local post-punk outfits, but moved on to electronic instruments when he bought his own Roland TR-808 drum machine in 1983. He ended up in London in 1987, where he spent his days squatting in Hackney and ... more info

twwth - dislocation (12inch vinyl) Buy Now 

twwth - dislocation (12inch vinyl)

signal life (fi)
$17.10  $13.68
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Dislocation takes from a multimedia art piece built around a distinct aesthetic. Based on a three-hour sound piece TWWTH originally composed for the similarly titled exhibition by visual artist Jesse Auersalo at The Hole in New York City. It builds on Auersalo's concepts: sex portrayed in objects, the interplay of cold-cut industrial design and intuitive and eerie blur. It also builds off TWWTH's past releases, continuing to redefine the boundaries ... more info

ultraphallus - the art of spectres (cd) Buy Now 

ultraphallus - the art of spectres (cd)

sub rosa (be)
$16.00  $12.80
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Covering a large pan of genres, Ultraphallus defines their sound with some accents from different styles including western music, death-metal, doom-rock, avant-garde, psychedelia and electronic soundtracks, as a tribute to rock culture. Seven tracks were recorded in four days at Drop Out Studios, South London, with Tim Cedar (Part Chimp leader, Hey Colossus). Tracks are inspired by The Residents, Marc Bolan, Mark Frechette and Zabriskie Point, Swans, ... more info

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