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nil - nilmonic process (12inch vinyl lp)


ARTIST // nil
LABEL // phaserprone (us)
CAT // ppr022lp


Fantastic new full-length LP from Phaserprone label heads Jonas Asher and Jochen Hartmann. Phaserprone has been releasing superb albums of bizarre, fractured electronics for several years now under the radar of many. Hopefully this is the outing that pushes their efforts into the view of more heads. What one notices first about the album is the stunning 3D modeled art by Hartmann on the printed inner sleeve, which is both intricate and bizarre, offering a sneak peak into what the music is all about before one puts the slab on the table. The music itself is fairly extreme, recalling some of the more out-there work of Keith Whitman or Florian Hecker- all shards of crackling home-brewed synthesizer arranged into bizarre, quasi-rhythmic edifices. Highest recommendation - a must for fans of the aforementioned artists and electronic music as such. - Alex Cobb for Experimedia
Nilmonic Process was developed through a self formulated language of both loose form free-feedback (Nilmonic Process) and computer generated composition (Nilmonic Processors). Simple and raw, black-box pedal feedback in one regard, but meticulously structured and digital in another. Bent perception anti-synth. First all pro printed release in the Phaserprone catalog (and possibly/most likely, the last pro printed release in the Phaserprone catalog?). Cut at D&M. Edition of 300.