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joe panzner - clearing polluted (cd)

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ARTIST // joe panzner
LABEL // copy for your records (us)
CAT // cfyre006cd


“One of the more pleasing examples of synchronicity the final quarter of 2011 served up was breakthrough, above-ground solo albums from not one but both members of Scenic Railroads. First Mike Shiflet's Sufferers on Type, and now Joe Panzner's Clearing, Polluted. The album's centerpiece is "Hindsight is 50/50", a fierce Noise blast worthy of peak-era Kevin Drumm, which fires out jagged fragments in expressionist splurges, gradually coalescing into a scything power-drone. It's bookended by two intelligently tense pieces. "Less Than A Feeling" slips past elegantly, mutating in form from delicate tones to crackling frequencies. The 17 minute opening track "Young Theorist" is the standout, an exercise in textural stress taking in some surprising structural detours.” - The Wire

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