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juppala kaapio - rainbow mask (12inch vinyl lp)

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ARTIST // juppala kaapio
LABEL // omnimemento (be)
CAT // om02lp


Despite the Finnish-looking name, Juppala Kaapio are the husband and wife duo of Swiss singer and viola player Carole Zweifel and Japanese sound artist Hitoshi Kojo, who has recorded as Spiracle since 2000. The duo's recent CD Sporing Promenade combined woodland field recordings, voices and various acoustic instruments such as viola, zither, and melodica, all put through various time-lags and treatments, to create a gently psychedelic drone-folk reminiscent of Tara Burke's Fursaxa.

This vinyl release, however, is much closer to Kojo's work as Spiracle: two monolithic, sidelong pieces of ambient Noise. With its infinitely ascending heavenly drone, the A side's title track could almost be a Skaters jam. It's a deliberately trippy piece of 21st century Kosmische constructed from Zweifel's voice and viola, and processed in real time by Kojo.

Full of heat-haze overtones and rippling arpeggios, it recalls Terry Riley circa A Rainbow in Curved Air. If it strives for the blanket-bombing effect of filling every gap in the listener's consciousness, the B side's "Masked Rainbow" is a more diaphanous affair, with viola and piano peeping through holes in the drone. Zweifel's dipping viola even sounds at times like it has adopted the tuning of an Indian violin, giving the piece a raga-like quality.

This is powerfully psychedelic music that neatly sidesteps current obsessions with 1980s kitsch and plugs straight back into the 1960s-inspired urge for transcendence and spiritual transport. (by Daniel Spicer on The Wire Magazine issue 319)