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nicholas szczepanik - the truth of transience (12inch vinyl lp)

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ARTIST // nicholas szczepanik
LABEL // isounderscore (us)
CAT // iso012lp


"During the final stretch of The Truth of Transience's first side, the pervading eerie drone cools down and drops all menacing pretenses. Everything opens up, and slowly a bright, shimmering major chord invades the entire range of sound, hanging like a bird in mid-air. Needless to say, the moment is beautiful and unexpected -- the exact kind of shift that sets certain ambient records apart from the flock. The Truth of Transience is Nicholas Szczepanik's first official vinyl release and is limited to 300 copies." - Keith Rankin for Experimedia
After several years of releasing exquisitely crystalline drone as part of the forefront of the american electronic underground, "the truth of transience" amazingly marks the first official vinyl release of chicago's nicholas szczepanik. this album follows up from last year's "ante algo azul" subscription series and notably his widely celebrated album "please stop loving me" on christoph heeman's streamline label which continues to build on szczepanik's quickly accelerating output of complex and dynamic ambient electronic drone work. recorded a winter ago and then abandoned only to be resurrected and fully realized in the spring of 2011. mastered by william hutson in the summer of 2011. packaged in deluxe green foil-stamped neon yellow matte jackets with artwork and design by brandon nickell. limited edition of 300 copies.

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