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kane ikin + david wenngren - strangers (cd)


ARTIST // kane ikin + david wenngren
LABEL // kesh (uk)
CAT // kesh017cd


Kane Ikin (b.1982) is an Australian musician based in Melbourne who is a solo artist on 12k. Ikin is also known as one half of Solo Andata alongside Paul Fiocco whove released critically acclaimed albums on Hefty, Deisre Path, and 12k. He records everything through and onto old technology aged analog consoles, reel-to-reel tape and all heard through a hazy science fiction filter.

David Wenngren (b. 1981) is a musician based in Eskilstuna, Sweden. Projects include Library Tapes (Sonic Pieces and Kning Disk), Below Juneau, Murralin Lane (12k) and Le Lendemain (with Danny Norbury). He has also collaborated with Peter Broderick on "A Summer Beneath The Trees" (Make Mine Music) and in 2011 with Christopher Bissonnette (Kranky) for the album The Meridians of Longitude and Parallels of Latitude released on Home Normal.

Ikin explains and reveals how both these musicians approached making an album together without preconceptions or formulated musical ideas. This record was made without ever meeting, without real discussion or a even plan. The concept is simply just communication though sound and that is what informed the title Strangers. One can hear exciting fresh sound explorations, free from any predetermined conceptual frameworks, in Strangers. These two experimental musicians freely connect throughout these six pieces to enable a perfectly balanced blend of each musicians talents that effortlessly merge and inspire each other to create this stunning debut album.