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belbury poly - the belbury tales (cd)

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ARTIST // belbury poly
LABEL // ghost box (uk)
CAT // gbx016cd


"A quite accomplished concept album from Ghost Box co-founder Jim Jupp's vehicle that works equally well as both homage to British prog rock of years past (think Soft Machine circa '70-73) and as a thoroughly immersive, enjoyable listen in its own right. The release of the "The Belbury Tales" marks the welcome arrival of the superb Ghost Box label to our domestic shores. Jupp is joined here by Jim Musgrave on drums and Christopher Budd on bass/guitar, fleshing out his unique sound (which makes use of analog synths, percussion, melodica and other instruments) perfectly. The press release notes that the album was composed by way of "taking in medievalism, the supernatural, [and] ideas about the re-invention of the past, childhood, initiation and pilgrimage (both spiritual and physical)," and the depth of intention and influence is striking throughout. Fans of the Canterbury sound/Cuneiform records and forward-thinking rock as such take note."
- Alex Cobb for Experimedia

Label Press Release

The Belbury Tales is the fourth full length album from Belbury Poly. Usually a solo project for Jim Jupp, the co-founder of Ghost Box, but for part of this album he augments the Belbury sound with guest musicians Jim Musgrave on drums and Christopher Budd on Bass & Electric Guitar. In addition to the usual array of keyboards and analogue synths, Jupp himself plays guitar, percussion, zithers, melodica and ocarina. Its a unique yet oddly familiar soundworld drawing on TV soundtracks, progressive rock, radiophonics, and library music.

Like all their album releases the music and artwork expand on the fictional / parallel world that Ghost Box loves to play with. At odds to the anodyne minimalism of much electronica Julian House's artwork like Jupp's music is lavish, detailed and witty. This is very much a concept album in the tradition of English Prog rock taking in medievalism, the supernatural, ideas about the re-invention of the past, childhood, initiation and pilgrimage (both spiritual and physical.

These concepts are further enhanced by a joyfully unsettling piece of fiction penned by Rob Young, author of Electric Eden.


"...some of the most delightful electronica to arise in Britain since Aphex Twin, the Black Dog and Global Communication." Bethan Cole, The Sunday Times

"...electronica rarely comes as intriguing and atmospheric and laden with weirdly unshakable tunes." - Alexis Petridis, The Guardian

...Belbury Poly summons a genuinely spectral presence." - Simon Reynolds, Frieze Magazine

" that's both highly atmospheric and melodically rewarding." - Joseph Stannard, The Wire

"...a turning point for modern electronica: inventiveness pushing right up against the boundaries, made accessible through a door left ajar to memories." - Jason Draper, Record Collector

" innocent Anglo Saxon eccentricity, channelled through a panoply of vintage analogue equipment. The result as ever is mesmerising." - Stuart Aitken, Flux Magazine

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