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szilárd - spokes (cd)


ARTIST // szilárd
LABEL // palaver press (uk)
CAT // pm001cd


Palaver's flagship release, CD is custom packaged in 100% recycled hemp twine with manila tag.

Spokes is a "conceptual tone-cycle". As Jeremy Young's debut full-length release as a solo performer, this release sees him moving deeper into the areas he has explored with his former groups [the] slowest runner [in all the world] and Sontag Shogun, as the album combines miniature guitar composition with lush, glimmering sinewave drone textures and several field recordings to break the listener's comfort. Tape loops arise out of clouds of radio static, on top of which, szilárd transforms sine wave textures to follow the meandering abstract patterns of his guitar. He incorporates texts from Charles Baudelaire's "Les Fleurs Du Mal" (1857), read by Aki Onda, Ella Joyce Buckley, Liam Singer and Catherine Métayer, which serve to direct the album's otherwise random changes of pace and sonic placement. Spokes opens with a 12-minute journey that sets the concept immediately; that when we compose music we're sharing our stories, but when we record the natural sounds of this world we are hearing music. This is the dialogue of man and nature through art.

Mastered by Greg Davis.