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ælab - riding (cd)


ARTIST // ælab
LABEL // dragon's eye recordings (us)
CAT // de5037cd


Riding was born upstream in January 2011, at the SCANZ residency in New Zealand. Artists, scientists, Maori scholars and water people gathered together to exchange and actualize their views and ideas about the re-imagining of relationships with nature. Stephane Claude, along with Gisèle Trudel stayed in a traditional long house at Waitara Marae for 3 days. Here they began a 2 week research and creation residency, meeting amazing people and co-creating new contexts for artistic practices. The residency culminated for them in a one night performance at the Fernery House 1 of the Pukekura Park botanical gardens. They performed during the evening, in the dark, with a multi-speakers arrangement (studio monitors, battery operated speakers) and video projected onto the fern’s room.

Riding is comprised of field recordings, synthesizer sequences and binaural beating oscillating sine waves gathered in an uninterrupted ride. Sparse processing was done to the original field recordings: volume movements, EQ and soundfield manipulations. The recordings were collected in a trance-like posture, when listening becomes the musical unfolding of a conversation between phenomena. Blending, giving and opening up to transduction, physically.

Connect the ride with the elements and life forces in flux.
Recirculate blood and oxygen, exchanging at pulsed speeds.
Moving in alignment, your kinetic mindfulness.
Building a new body of steel and wind.

About Ælab

Stephane Claude is an electronic_acoustic composer and sound engineer.

His research integrates conceptual and physiological frameworks of audio recording for sound installations and performances. His interests are in the communication of physical and formal aesthetics as transductive experiences, through the exploration of digital signal processing, parameters of acoustics and sound in spaces.

His work has been published by ATAK(JP), LINE (US), ORAL (CA) and Dragon’s Eye Recordings (US).

In the summer of 1996, Ælab was initiated as an art research unit between Stephane Claude and Gisèle Trudel, with the regular participation of other collaborators.
Ælab cristallizes their interest for an ecological awareness in the use of technology, as echoed in the arts, sciences, philosophies and shamanic traditions. Their work is shown internationally.