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various - travel expop series 1 (12inch vinyl lp)


ARTIST // various
LABEL // hands in the dark (fr)
CAT // hitd007lp


*SLIGHTLY IMPERFECT CORNERS ON THE SLEEVES OF MOST OF THESE* HOLY STRAYS, CANKUN, JE SUIS LE PETIT CHEVALIER, VOODOO MOUNT SISTERS (High Wolf & Chicaloyoh). This record marks the launch of the first volume in a series of splits, which answers to the beguiling name of Travel Expop Series. The idea behind this series is simple: With each new edition Hands in the Dark will bring a handful of experimental pop artists together with a label that they admire of the same nationality, on a single vinyl. So the French label begins with France, in co-production with the Ruralfaune. This first volume-collage draws together Cankuns groovy funk-pop, the hallucinatory drone merry-go-round music of Holy Strays, the luminous, poetic dabblings of Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier and the cosmic equatorial hypnosis sounds of Voodoo Mount Sister. As for the artwork, Michael Sallit will mark his name on the list of collaborators.