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maninkari - the half forgotten relic of a dream (cd)

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ARTIST // maninkari
LABEL // three:four (sw)
CAT // tfr010cd


With The Half Forgotten Relic of a Dream, Maninkari enters a new era. After three albums taken from the same studio sessions, they are back with more direct and refined tracks. As usual, Maninkari uses a great deal of instruments in many styles (cimbalom, cello, viola, synthesizers, percussion instruments), which is quite genre-breaking, without taking the easy way out. Although dark in the atmospheres, the band is constantly looking to reach the mystical white light. The wide range of textures (abrasive or mellow, electronic or acoustic) is amazing and shapes the entire album, highlighting both the introspective and epic moments. Whether there is a rhythm section or not, tension is overwhelming. With the addition of rich atmospheres and a subtle production, this tension transcends the creation of an eerie beauty.

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