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richard gins - sea change (cd)


ARTIST // richard gins
LABEL // slow flow (jp)
CAT // sfpl001cd


Inspired by the memory of childhood visits to the seaside, 'Sea Change' is a reference to sentimental memory. This work aims to suggest a certain 'timelessness' and 'stillness' through sound and vision with a series of lo-fi Polaroid and Holga images. As with most of my work, the viewers position and perspective of the project is completely personal; the camera serving an important function therefore in projecting the viewer's experiences. The imagery produces a sensation of fondness and memory, recalling the childhood photo's we've all taken. Equally there's an imitative component to 'Sea Change's' audio, the textures creating a gentle sweeping sensation and a lull of tiny incidental sounds that suggest the rise and fall of sea levels. Sea Change is an invite to explore one's own perception of time and memory. To paraphrase American poet Edward Cummings "For whatever we lose (like a you or a me), It's always our self we find in the sea.