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weyes blood - the outside room (12inch vinyl lp)


ARTIST // weyes blood
LABEL // not not fun (us)
CAT // nnf218lp


Natalie Weyes Blood (originally Weyes Bluhd) has existed in the grime-ghost fringe-music catacombs since at least 2006, starting as a conventional folk singer in an unamplified universe, then transforming into a more crouched/hieroglyphic electronic chasm style, culminating in a European tour with Axolotl. After two seasons of hibernation and a relocation to Baltimore, she materialized her 'Blood In Bluhd Out' transformation and returned to writing/playing the darkly haunted narcotic drifter ballads that make up The Outside Room, her first official full-length. The entire album was recorded, mixed and produced by Mering herself, then mastered by good friend Graham Lambkin, the record has shadows of The Shadow Ring in the oddly creaking ambient sounds and stark, nuanced production, which lend the eerily beautiful neo-Nico death folk laments a more modern, art-skewed sheen. There's still echoes of her old drone/tape-ghost-clouds moods on tracks like 'In The Isle Of Agnitio' and the long, bells-laden outro to 'Romneydale,' but the bulk of the LP is swooning and sweeping, with Natalie's gorgeous, quasi-Teutonic vox leading the way. A subtly mesmerizing long-player, very 'out of time,' and strangely untouched by contempo influences. Black vinyl LPs in jackets with cool screengrab/photocopied artwork by the artist, plus an 11x17 lyric sheet/mini poster. Edition of 480.

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